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Work and residence permits

The topic Work and residence permit primarily focuses on:

▪ national developments of labour migration and recent policy changes in this area,
▪ the access and rights of migrant workers in the labour market,
▪ tackling unequal or unfair working conditions of migrant workers in practice.

The draft of the new Aliens Act: Tighter Rules for All Work and residence permitsCzech Republic

30. 8. 13     At the beginning of May 2013, after more than two years of preparations, the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic submitted for public consultation, its conception of the new foreigners’ legislation. Three new separate acts, if approved by the Government and Parliament, would substantially change the current legal regulation of stay and residence of foreigners from the EU as well as fr... »

Peeling an Onion: Work and Employment of Migrants in Slovenia Work and residence permits Labour MigrationSloveniasummary texts

12. 4. 13 | Aldo Milohnić     In the first part of the project Migration to the Centre we were concerned with the work and employment of migrants in Slovenia. Two experts presented the most recent statistical data, analyzed the legislative framework, and described the results of their previous field research projects. These experts’ assessments were confirmed and upgraded by personal stories contributed by three migrants fro... »

Poland: Work and residence permits Work and residence permitsPolandsummary texts

11. 4. 13     International project “Migration to the center” was aimed at investigating diverse problems in the area of integration of foreigners in Poland also in regards to the access to the labor market. Within this topic, in the first part of the project we have focused on the analysis of the problem of irregular employment in Poland. »
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