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The Czech Republic remains an important country of immigration, although the immigration flows fell sharply in the context of the economic crisis. The main purposes of immigration are family reunification, employment and education. According to official statistics, the total number of immigrants holding a residence permit slightly increased in 2011 to about 434 000, which represented around 4 % of the total population. The major immigrant communities are Ukrainian, Slovak, Vietnamese and Russian. In 2011, the government adopted the Updated Policy for Integration of Immigrants and in 2012 the Procedure of Implementation of the Updated Policy for Integration of Immigrants (Czech only). In terms of legislation, in 2012 the government approved much debated legislative intent of the new legal regulation (Czech only) of entry and residence of foreign citizens in the Czech Republic.

Czech and migrant workers as a cheap labour? Precarious conditions of workers posted to other countries in EU. Labour MigrationEU Ukraine Czech Republic

30. 7. 18    

Do you know what is posting of workers? What problems are most commonly connected to posting? Do these problems affect Czech workers as well? And what are peculiarities of temporary labour migration from Ukraine to Czech Republic?»

Public Debate: Study of International Students in the Czech Republic Study / training in EUCzech Republicpublic debates

29. 11. 13     As a member of the European Union, the Czech Republic participates in forming the European system of higher education. What impact do EU policies in this area have on incoming international students from coun¬tries outside the EU? How do governmental institutions collaborate with state and private colleges? The Multicultural Centre in Prague held a public debate October 10, 2013 on these topics t... »

The Role of “Migration Industry” in Migration for the Sake of Education Study / training in EUCzech Republicmigrants outputs

15. 11. 13 | Liudmila Kopecká     Kristina had always dreamt of studying abroad but had not known how and where to go from Russia. One day she saw an invitation to a conference about study in the Czech Republic organized by one of the Czech language schools. The school was recruiting potential candidates. Paying for the language course, whose price was around 4,000 Euro, was unfortunately not enough to fulfil the dream. Kristina h... »
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